Nov 30, 2010

Love my UGGs...

Nov 27, 2010

Asymmetric one-button scarf

My brother and sister-in-law are coming for the holidays. They’re going to stay 3 weeks and since money is a little tight this year, I am knitting small pieces to give to them. God knows how I can make use of economy-minded-gift this year. This project is a one-skein project and it’s very easy and fast. I bought a pretty button that talked to my heart and here I have one more scarf… I have some yarn leftover and I might knit a hat to go with it. There is no schematic for the button placement but it’s not hard to figure it out.
Pattern: Here
Yarn used: Twisted Fiber: Terrain
Time of completion: 2 evenings
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Nov 25, 2010


Nov 21, 2010

Sasha and Meggie

Autumn Leaves

picture taken from here
Jr. holding Sasha & Meggy

Nov 18, 2010


I just finished subtitling Hachiko, a sweet story of this amazing dog that waits 10 years for his master. I was brought to serious tears, actually, I had to stop bawling like a baby couple of times.
It might have been hormonal... drama, drama but very touching story and it is based on a true story! In reality ,only dogs can be this loyal!
I am knitting this scarf with a button, a good Xmas gift for my sister-in-law. My brother is arriving on the 20th. I am very excited and looking forward to it.

Nov 17, 2010

More layouts

Nov 16, 2010

Telemark pullover

Finally I feel better and out of pain. I am back to my knitting and everything else that keeps me sane, except going back to work. I am going broke by the minute now. Only God knows!
Digital Scrapbook has helped me a lot through my ordeal, but my real passion is knitting.
The Telemark pullover is knitted from neck to bottom, first you knit the collar, then place markers at the four points (these will be increased at each row).I did moss stitch at collar, lower edge and sleeves instead of garter stitch. Next step is to separate for the sleeves on some scrap yarn, they are going to be on hold. Join to work in the round and keep on knitting until the whole body has measured about 12”from center back (without including collar in this measurement). Go back to the sleeves and finish them up, follow the pattern and decrease 10 stitches on the sleeves. Voilá!
The telemark is ready and going to wrap little Nicholas who is going to be here pretty soon!
pattern: here

Nov 13, 2010

Autumn symphony

kits from: Shades of Autumn gg rainy days

I decided to do this scrap on Autumn. I just can't believe the fall is upon us. The leaves have finally changed after the later rain. The shades of browns, yellows and rustic reds change the landscape of our streets and subdivisions. The temperature is also getting cooler, reminding us the winter is just around the corner.

Kits from: Dennin and Daisis Alpha:SBG -Impressions of Adventure

Nov 11, 2010

Love Birds

Kits from: BGD My happy home paper: Shanmonto4_Happy Day Papers

Kits from: Dennin and Daisis - paper: Natali_design, Shades Of Autumn, Alpha: sbg Impressions of

Nov 9, 2010

Black Eye Pea

Nov 2, 2010

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