Mar 28, 2012

Photography Subtleties by Tommy Ton

Tommy Ton if you don't know, is one of the icons of street style photography. He has a keen eye to recognize new trends in fashion and to capture the essence of what is happening on the streets and in the backstage of this wonderful and complex world of fashion.
He created a new aesthetic in street photography and his pictures are trademark of elegance, movement, colors and journalism professionalism. In the fashion industry he has been recognized and praised by his amazing sense of retaining visual information worth of being published and of what might be a prospective trend for the year's fashion season.

pictures here

Mar 22, 2012

Spring flowers

I decided to learn how to crochet. Inspired by so many talented women whose patience and camaraderie make this world of the (www) so amazing.
There is a lady in Germany, who freely and kindly posts all these videos tutorials on You Tube teaching how to crochet and knit.
Her work is so beautiful and even not speaking a word of German, I am able to follow her directions and actually even join the flowers by looking up the graphic one of her followers designed.
Great tutorial for someone interested in learning crochet techniques or if you just want to take a curiosity peek:

Mar 21, 2012

Buddy turns 1!!!