Jun 30, 2011

Outer Banks

Nags Head-NC

Ocracoke Island-NC

Hotel View
USS North Carolina Battleship
Cape Hatteras Park-NC

Jun 29, 2011

The newest addition to our household: Buddy.

We came back from our trip to the Outer banks and DC. Buddy came with us and he behaved like a real trooper. He traveled quietly in his crate. We made a few rest stops along the way for food, water and potty time and he was well behaved and didn’t seem to be annoyed . Buddy is only 3-month old, very well behaved and he is doing a great job in terms of potting outside, fetching, walking on the leash and sleeping in the crate.

I have to give credit to my sister-in-law, Joyce. She put so much effort training Buddy. He was the only puppy left (out of the 4 puppies litter). We live 11 hours away from her and we had to plan this trip around our and her schedule. In the end everything worked out pretty good! She did a wonderful job training him which helped us to make our experience with him less stressful and much more fun.
Still he wants our full attention but he is a clever and a focused puppy. I can tell he learns fast and he can be easily conditioned with stimulus and response (Pavlov is a good friend)!
There are a lot of other issues I have to address right way but nibbling is the one that I want to correct immediately. He is teething but nibbling is also a sign he wants to dominate me and this huummm… ain’t gonna happen Buddy !!
Tomorrow I’ll post some pics from our trip.

Jun 15, 2011


In my opinion, traveling is the chance given to us to record our best and memorable moments.
It is our deserving hours of freedom of not having deadlines to meet, appointments to keep, phone and e-mails to answer. A moment we entitle ourselves to not worry, to not rush, to not hurry.
These are the times where we can lie back and enjoy the breeze, the sun, the chirping of the birds and the soothing noise of the moving water in the ocean.
These are the moments we plan with anticipation and excitement. The days of vacation and… Mmmmm…summer. These are the times we can stitch little pieces of happiness, a quilt of remembrances. These are the loving and relaxing days of leisure sewn together one by one in the rare moments of our existence.

Jun 12, 2011

Julia Petit

I believe that God has given us natural talents, gifts we are born with. This is the case of a makeup artist named Julia Petit whose extraordinary ability with hands is undeniable.
I learned about her through Ana Paula from Salinha do Croche.
Here you can check Julia out in a makeup tutorial inspired by Lady Gaga's campaign for Mac. Julia not only can do make up but she also has an ability to choose right shades that turn out to their full potential in a photo.
Caetano Veloso once said and he was right: "People were born to shine."

Jun 11, 2011

Cropped cardigan

I just started a cardigan before going on vacation so I have a project to take with me on my trip to the Outer Banks.
I bought this pattern and it is a design by Amy O’Neill. It is a basic top down raglan and I am using the M1 increase on the purl side but it is not coming out with that nice lifted look, it is sort of …Hmmmmm… holey… Let’s see! I always take out my mistakes when the project is not going the way is supposed to. My problem I can’t visualize right in the beginning whether I like it or not.
Most of the time, I have to go way far back to fix it but I think it’s worth it.
Overall, I am not on a spiritual quest for perfection but when it comes down to the cosmetic of the piece, I am left with no choice but to unravel and start off fresh.
Talking about vacation, the final leg of our trip is DC where we are going to meet with my sister-in-law and get the newest addition to the family: Buddy. He is a 2- month-old cockapoo and I can’t wait to bring him home.
I really debated about adopting a puppy but now I can hardly wait and I am counting the days. He is going to bring a lot of fun to our lives.

Happy knitting!

Jun 7, 2011

Berroco- Spring/Summer sweaters

1-Lippitt,2-Ria, 3-Chloe,4-Stella,5-Poitou,6-Lauren
Happy Knitting!