Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

They are here

Dec 17, 2010


Dec 16, 2010

Musée du Louvre

Dec 15, 2010

Hilton Head

Dec 12, 2010

46 years young

Dec 11, 2010


Dec 10, 2010

Fat Jeans

Dec 9, 2010

25 days of Christmas

Everything from Christmas Joy by Mary Pop designs

Dec 8, 2010

Party time

Dec 7, 2010

Telemark pullover

I don’t wish my ordeal on anybody, not even on my worst enemy. Suddenly I grew abundantly in wisdom and serenity.
I realized this is not about me. There are neither invisible nor visible forces working to knock me out. I always lived my life within a good sense of fulfilled duty towards life. My mother didn’t live a long life, but during the time she spent here, in this world, she always taught me a very deep sense of work ethics, honesty, integrity and principles. She believed no matter how dark the circumstances are, you retain peace of mind if you do the right thing. Despite the fact she came from a family of alcoholics, she fought strongly against the generics, although at one point of her life, it got to her. She never lost her soul and her core to addiction. She pulled her inner power and never took anybody down with her in her struggles.
My point is: and I have one; everybody falls into hard times but I never believed in this world of doggy-doggy, where people got to throw people under the bus to get ahead. I always paid my people on time, never skipped a week of payment, even when business was not doing well. Unfortunately ripping people off is an easy road. Right-doing is a hard path but peace of mind cannot be bought. I sleep soundly, thank you very much!
I love my life, I love my life, I love my life, I love my life, love my life……………….

Here are the pictures from the telemark and the stripe knit baby cap.
I am planning to knit the baby “Uggs” booties to complete the set.

I fixed color change jog using this technique
More Telemark pics: Mademoiselle,Trico e mais Trico, Little Gray Dog, Stricken & Spinnen,
Siempre Tejiendo,Lia e suas Artes, KnitSpringsEternal

Dec 5, 2010

Turning 1

I was not totally happy how the second from the top layout turned out, I had to create another
one. The telemark and the hat are almost off the needle and I found cute babies Uggs to go with
the set right here. There are adorable!

Dec 3, 2010