Apr 19, 2004

Revisando a dieta

Dixie's just sent me this videoThe option Real Player is not working, try the other one(Windows Real Player. Unfortunately I missed the Sunday's news, but here it is: Subject: Fox News Channel Program

"Dear Friends: I hope you were watching Fox News Channel's Housecalls this past Sunday (4/18/04) morning with Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld, the host of the show and medical consultant for Fox Television. Dr. Rosenfeld is an internationally known physician and widely published author. He was asked about diet and supplements and he reiterated what he said on a previous show a couple of years ago.

Dr. Rosenfeld emphatically stated that there is NO SUBSTITUTE for fresh fruits & vegetables and recommended that we all eat 5-9 servings per day. He then said that because many people do not eat the needed amount of fresh produce, he recommended Juice Plus!! His comment was Juice Plus is the next best thing to eating the 5-9 servings per day and gives an abundant variety of fruits and vegetables and grains without the salt, sugar and water. He emphasized the process of production used by Juice Plus and stated that his family has been taking the product for several years.

For those of you who are taking Juice Plus, rest assured that you are getting some of the best nutritional value available. For those of you who are not yet taking it, I challange you to try it for 4 months--it could change your life!!

Yours in Health,"

Apr 17, 2004

Juice Plus

Today I really did good. I hate bragging, but just today and today only, I signed up five people for Juice Plus+. And also I signed up K.'s daughter for JPCR which is excellent!!! Monday's gonna be busy, placing all these orders. Actually what makes me really happy is seeing people getting conscious about their kids health and their own. It's rewarding, because with Juice Plus+ everybody wins on the process. I refuse to say I sell Juice Plus+, I prefer saying I distribute it.
Tonight we're going to a Chinese restaurant with a friend couple.N. has been working downstairs like a mad man, making lots of progress, but it's still a long way to go. Maybe two more months, (just being optimistic) and the dust and mess will be gone.
I love to think one day coming home and being able to use downstairs, sit down and relax, in a clean dust-free room.

Apr 16, 2004

Mad Cow

Apologies for being so sparse lately. Unable to sit down and write on account of a crazy life. Good news is that I got an office account. I'll be starting next Monday and it's very exciting for me because this has been my dream for many years. Switch from houses to offices.It's definitely much less work and more din din...Besides offices are in general easier to maintain opposed to houses.I'm very pleased to work with British folks. They are excellent people and I crack up laughing with their sense of humor. They make you feel good and they compliment you on every silly detail. They use lots of fantastic, marvelous, tremendous...adjectives are key words!!!They get excited like they have this inner positive energy towards life and people.
Last night we rented Kill Bill Vol.1. Is Quentin Tarantino a mad genius or a crack head? I don't know the answer, but I know one thing, I'm never on any drug when I watch his movies, even though, I love all of them.Even Vol.1's chopping heads and blood-spurting, Hong Kong, kung fu action. Bla, bla, bla...
My ancient history feature is literally H I S T O R Y. I can't make it work...

Stand up -Ludacris

Apr 5, 2004

Revisitando o passado

Hoje falei com uma grande amiga minha, a Sandra. Nós nos conhecemos deste o colegial e ela sempre foi e será uma grande luz na minha vida. Acreditamos em carma, em outras vidas, em pensamento positivo em coisas boas para nós e para os outros.
Ela escreve como ninguém.Suas poesias são lindas e quando ela escreve ela consegue tocar os corações com as palavras.
Como eu falei com ela, bateu uma saudade inesperada de São Vicente, das praias do Guarujá,de tomar água de coco no quiosque da tia, de não fazer nada; só olhando o mar, de comer pizza de catupiry, de ir até a ilha Porchat para dançar, do Clube dos Ingleses no sábado, do Sírio na sexta-feira, do caldo verde do Almeida, dos meus amigos do banco: Ranieri, Bete e do irmão dela, o Sombrinha do Fundo de Quintal, do Paulinho, da Sandra e da Graça.
Saudade da Ana, do Saturday Night Fever, de usar melissinha, meinha Dancing Days,
de ver Sol de Verao, Dancing Days e aquela que tinha a Odete Roihtmman (era Dancing Days?)
Saudades de ver Túnel do Tempo, Jennie é um gênio, Perdidos no Espaço,A Feiticeira, da Rhonda, Mary Tyler Moore. Saudade do Topo Giggio.Do colégio "Caetano de Campos" em São Paulo, dos meus amigos de ginásio de lá, Da Silvia Maria Galante, Sun Rei Din, da Hannah, do Victor Hugo, do Ricardo e do Marcelo.
Saudade de ouvir todos os álbuns dos Beatles em Brasília, das festas da vizinhança, quando eu matinha uma paixão secreta pelo meu vizinho e eu esperava, ansiosa por qualquer desculpa para vê-lo.
Saudade do Lollo (meu chocolate favorito) e de tomar Ovo Maltine. Bater com leite em pó para ficar bem grosso.
Abrir uma lata de leite condensado e comer com uma banana inteira.Saudade da minha botinha de cano longo branca, do meu biquini amarelinho de quando eu tinha uns 9 anos, acho.
Saudades de ir para águas de Lindóia de férias. Saudades da primeira vez que eu vi o mar quando desci para Santos de ônibus . Foi uma experiencia marcante!
Saudades da nossa casa em São Vicente na Pedro Alvares Cabral, saudades da minha mãããããããããe!

Nitemare Hippy Girl - Beck

Apr 2, 2004

Oglethorpe, there I go...

I'm very happy. My application has been accepted at Oglethorpe, now I have to call them to make an appointment to register for the next term which starts May 10th. They actually offer two 8-week sessions each Spring, Summer and Fall. Norman gave me these books !!!!!!
and we celebrated it in style. I'm really pleased with been accepted specially at Oglethorpe, first because it's near me. (Opposed to Agnes Scott)and obviously because it's an accredited school and last but not least because the course "Organizational Management" is right up my alley.
Eeeeeeaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Changing subject a little bit...
Norman and I have different point of views in many aspects. Other day, we're discussing how blogging for me is an expression of what I usually deal with on my daily basis.It's a blank page where I can write down my frustations, my opinions, my inner, deep emotions without having anybody pointing fingers at me and saying, no, no, no. Or being worried what I'm saying is politically correct or not.
For him, on the other hand, it is just unnecessary exposure of your private life. It's invasion of your privacy.It's nobody's business.
I started thinking of it very seriously, I don't agree with him 100%.I'm not a showing off type of person in any way, and bothers me he feels this way.At same time, if it bothers me is because deep inside I feel it's true. Any psychologist on call?

The house is rocking - Stevie R.Vaughan