Feb 15, 2010

No bake cookies for Valentines

A friend made this quick and easy cookies. I loved and I am passing on.

Feb 7, 2010

Cable top

One more project finished and off the needles. My cable top is in final stage of grafting. I looked up online and still don’t know which technique I am going to use. The three needles binding looks the easiest. The Kitchener is still too complicated for me, especially memorizing where to knit and where to purl. I haven’t made my mind yet. The video for this project can be found here.
There are a few projects I’ve been obsessed with. Every three of these projects could make me feel like I accomplished something as a new knitter: the multi directional scarf, the owl baby vest and this legwarmer.
The biggest challenge is the vest but I will only know if I decide to take a deep breath and make it happen. I have a friend who had a baby past December, I’ve been putting off to start the vest since then, but the baby is growing fast, by the time I have knitted it, he will have outgrown the vest.

Feb 3, 2010

Christmas in February

Little Treats

très jolie

très chic


A package has just been delivered and it’s been the fastest delivery I have ever ordered from my homeland.
I was browsing the net, when I bumped into these adorable items from this seller and after putting the order together and contacting them, it took just 5 days to the package to arrive. I was pleased with their customer service and I’ll repeat business with them, over and over again.
First I fell in love with this necklace, as soon I put my eyes on it. Then, I decided to order this roomy tote and this lovely clutch.
Every piece is handmade by an association of women in the northeast of Brazil. They only use organic and seasonal seeds and fruits, avoiding the depletion of natural resources. Every tote, jewelry and clutch are unique, stylish and cutting edge. Tout nouveau tout beau!
Well, switching wheels a little bit, I have to say that lately I feel that the days just sneak up on me. One day is Monday, and next thing I know, it’s Friday again. My weekends have been nonexistent, and I get frustrated when the weekend is over so quickly. The fact that I plan so many tasks and in the end, it seems I can’t get half of my list accomplished is maddening! Oh, well, I’ll get my projects done, one way or the other.
One of these days, I’ll at least catch up with my reading. I hate the so called "New Year’s Resolutions", but one resolution I would love to get accomplished would be reading a book a month. Forget about exercising 5 days a week, or knitting a sweater in less than 3 weeks, I wanna catch up with my reading! In 2010, I need to quit watching so much TV and exercise my brain muscles and find the will power within to stop the talk and walk the walk!!!

Uma encomenda acabou de chegar, mais rápido do que nunca, vinda da minha terra natal.
Eu estava navegando na net, quando me cruzei com esses adoráveis itens deste vendedor e depois de preeencher a ordem e contatar o vendedor, levou apenas 5 dias para o pacotinho chegar. Fiquei satisfeita com o atendimento ao consumidor provido pelo vendedor e com certeza voltarei a comprar com eles, .
Primeiro eu me apaixonei por este colar, assim que coloquei meus olhos nele. Então, eu decidi encomendar este espaçoso tote e esta carteira encantadora.
Ultimamente eu sinto que os dias passam sorrateiramente. Hoje é segunda-feira, e de repente, é sexta-feira novamente. Meus fins de semana tem sido inexistentes, e me sinto frustrada quando o fim de semana passa assim, tão rapido. De fato eu tento fazer variadas tarefas. mas no final, parece que eu não consigo executar nem a metade do planejado. Bom, num desses dias, eu vou conseguir terminar meus projetos. Por bem ou por mau. Odeio o chamado: resoluções de Ano Novo, mas eu não me importaria de cumprir com esta: uma leitura de pelo menos um livro por mês. Esqueça ir a academia 5 dias por semana, ou tricotar um suéter em menos de 3 semanas, eu quero colocar minha leitura em dia! Em 2010, eu quero parar de ver a telinha, e ler mais, por favor!