May 28, 2011


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May 26, 2011

Snake in the willow tree

When my neighbor, Julie, saw this scarf, in the very beginning of the knitting process, she immediately commented it looked like a weeping willow tree changing its colors in the fall. I had to agree and since the pattern is curvy, resembling a snake, I pictured the snake and willow together and I came up with snake in the willow. It seems weird, I have never heard of snakes climbing trees but it translates the idea fairly.
Talking a little bit about the yarn, I liked knitting with the swiss-mohair BUT… It’s not as soft as I thought would be. Surprisingly a little bit on the scratchy side when I wrapped around my neck. I would never tell while knitting with it. It feels so soft on the touch.
To finish his post I have to drop a final note on the last segment of the scarf:
When you get halfway point on the row, turn the work (like on the other segments) working in ribbing stitch until the end.
SSK and work until the short row, do another SSK, turn the work and keep decreasing until you have only 3 stitches on the needle. Cast off.
Happy knitting!
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May 17, 2011

Love me, love me not

May 15, 2011

Save the earth

May 14, 2011

Be you

May 10, 2011



May 9, 2011

Wish list - 2011

May 3, 2011

Reaching the summit- Part 2

My blue shawl is almost off the needles and I tell you, I’ll never knit one of those ever in my life. I got excited learning the technique in the beginning but then, excitement became boredom, boredom became irritation and irritation progressed to something very wrong(#@*&$@!!)and yes, very susceptible to censorship.
Making those holes and the repetitious pattern somehow did not appeal to me as I initially thought it would. What I need after this is finding a very small lace pattern and experiment with it. I want to put to the test if it is really true lace knitting is magic and a knowledgeable knitter (I am afraid it is not my case yet) will eventually step it up a notch and adventure into the isles of lace land.
Huummm let’s see about that…
In the meantime I made this crochet layout and the pictures I took from this book here, it is in Japanese and I am planning to buy some day.