May 25, 2012


I'm heading for St. Simon, on a very well deserved holiday! Despite of being only a few days, I am planning on doing absolutely nothing but chat with friends, drink, eat and enjoy the sand and the ocean…
I packed 2 shorts, one outfit for a night-out with the girls, one-piece bathing suit, a couple of bikinis and tons of sunblock (100). I am literally addicted to sunblock, specially on my face.
Time to get my feet up and just relax….

May 24, 2012

Conquering my fear of the sewing machine

I finished off the Indian queue scarf. Last year, when I went to get Buddy, my sister-in-law gave me two full bags of yarn. The majority of the yarn was worsted Red Heart. Nice for the money but a little bit on the scratchy side.
So I decided to attach a lining to the other side of the scarf. For this, I ended up buying a very soft jersey knit and I sewed up to the scarf with the help of a sewing machine. Yeap!!! Hard to believe but last time I used one, I was in my teens!
I loved the end result and I am glad I haven’t attempted to hand-stitch the whole thing. The sewing machine confrontation was a sort of an obstacle that I had to overcome but now I got excited and want to sew more…Let’s say…a hem!!! (*smile)

culprit of all fears

May 5, 2012