Feb 26, 2004

and the award goes to...

Best movie
Lord of the rings-The return of the King

Best director
Peter Jackson-Lord of the Rings

Best actor

Sean Penn-Mystic River

Best Actress
Charlize Theron- Monster

Best Supporting actress Shohreh Aghdashloo - House of sand and fog

Best Supporting actor Tim Robbins - Mystic River
under dog - he deserves to win... Benicio Del Toro - 21 grams

Fame- David Bowie

Feb 25, 2004

Some commonly asked questions about Juice Plus+

What should I expect from taking Juice Plus+?

Many people report that they begin to feel more energetic, that they sleep better, that they get tired less easily... or that they simply"look better" after takingJuice Plus+. People carrying extra weight may start to lose a few pounds, and notice that their cravings for unhealthy food are diminished and that they begin to crave for more nutritious foods(like fres fruits and vegetables) instead.
Sometimes these changes occur in the first several weeks of taking Juice Plus+; other times, over the course of several months. In fact, taking Juice Plus+ is not always accompanied by a particular reaction or "feeling". Good nutrition and preventive health do not always produce results that are immediately noticeable, but rather pay dividends over the course of a lifetime.

The only reason why I'm posting these FAQ about Juice Plus+ is because I've been taking for 8 months now. I feel more energetic, my hair grows twice as it used to and my nails are growing stronger than ever. And today, for my surprise I went to GYN annual visit.She askedif I was taking any vitamins I said just Juice Plus+ and she praised me. She obviously knows it. Nice!...

Shine on your crazy diamond- Pink Floyd

Feb 20, 2004

Separated by birth.
I can't wait to watch the Oscar next Sunday.I really like Renee Zellweger, but I don't think she's gonna win. The point here I'm trying to make is, her resemblance to the Whirly Pop. I've never seen such a round face in my whole life. I truly believe her mother had a craving to suck a Whirly Pop when she was expecting her, then she was born with this face
really she doesn't even have eyes,(poor woman) like normal people. It might be fun, looking at herself on the mirror and been puzzled with the resemblance.
Talking about candies, if you are one of those people who decided to continue sucking retro and discontinued candies that remind, one way or another, how old you are, give yourself a treat going to hometown.

Hound Dog-"Eric Clapton"

Feb 18, 2004

Ten reasons I'd like to live in Sitges
  1. it's sunny...
  2. It's a costal city.
  3. It's in Europe close to all those countries I always wanted to visit.
  4. I could eat fresh seafood every day.
  5. I would banish red meat from my menu.
  6. I would speak French, Dutch,German.
  7. I would be close to England, then close to Picadillus Circle and Beatles.
  8. It's so.... sunny.
  9. It's a small town I could go everywhere riding my bike, instead of driving a car.
  10. No pollution.
  11. Minimum clothing.
  12. Again it's warm, sunny and by the water.

"List of big noses.

1 Christopher Lambert

2 Daniel Day-Lewis

3 Stephen Dillane
4 John Corbett

5 Ralph Fiennes
6 Matthew McConaughey
7 Julian Sands
8 Ewan McGregor
9 Jeff Bridges
10 Liam Neeson

FBI's Week Most wanted

Worth his weight in gold -"Steel Pulse"

Feb 17, 2004

I've been to the beauty parlor and I got 3 prospective orders on pills. One girl who just had breast augmentation just flashed her tits to everybody who happened to be there at that moment (including a guy, who was having his hair highlighted) She totally ignored him....... He seemed terribly embaraced, but obviously, she didn't pay too much attention to him.She was too excited and busy talking about how painful the recovery has been, and that she almost fell in the tub the other day, bla..bla..bla..
It was funny...
I came home very late this afternoon.I'm getting so ready to go to bed...
By the way... I just got this ring for Valentines and I just lost it somewhere, between inside my car and somebody's else trash can. I'm so mad.I literally searched every inch inside my car and couldn't find it.The weirdest thing before leaving that morning an inner voice told me... Why don't you put the ring away and wear it again next Valentines? As usual, I didn't hear my inner voice.... Do I ever learn in my life?.....I hate myself.
The facts of life- "Talking heads"

Feb 16, 2004

Monday is my day off.I decided taking a week-day off instead a weekend day, so I can go and run errands, go to the bank, or just stay home taking my free HTML classes on line. I keep telling my friends who get scared at the simple tought of turning their computer on.Go and sign up for classes on line. Sorry, only in Portuguese could get altogether in a blog group.It would be fun.I quite understand everybody works so hard and so long hours... Usuallly when we get home; just eat and shower and talk on the phone with couple friends as a just short introduction to get prepared to go to bed and start over fresh next day.Learning is never too much, specially, if you can learn for free. Another course I found free and on the convenience of your home is a Portuguese course. It's for either ones who don't speak the language or for us who speak, but are in need of a brush up . It's worth to give it a try and they also test you on how much knowledge you have of the language. Go to here.
Last night was awfully cold outside and inside.I immediately thought of

Ten reasons to not live in Moscow

. It's dull and drab.
. I don't like caviar.
. They don't have the old and good alphabet like barbaric and Latin languages do. They have a sort of secret code.
. Everything below 68F is cold to me.
. There's no sense of fashion, culture or musicality.
. Their cake tastes like ladyfingers.
. I would be cold regardless the season.
. Their currency is weak.
. It's very cold.
. Every Russian is a spy in potential.
. I like ancient architecture, but soviet's is too solid and heavy.

Southern Hospitality - "Ludacris"

Feb 11, 2004

N.and I watched this movie

last night, the same author Kevin Smith the one

who wrote Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob.
N. has these co-workers who lend him weird movies.He told me:- "They are kids". I asked:"How old kids? " Ah. "twenty five, maybe twenty seven"-I answered: "twenty five is not a kid, N." - He replied:" They are(pause) compared to me"... Sometimes I get depressed with his line of thoughts. I started wondering; Is this society giving too much importance to youth? or does every society on the planet give it too much thought? Well... Look at the magazines, reality shows and the media in general.Regarding to reality shows, nobody in those damn shows look like real people.They all look well groomed, well spoken, well dressed and on, on and on...I really believe they are all losers. But hey,nobody cares if they're losers or not. They just need to be good-looking losers...Then I thought, maybe if I lived in Provence-France all this would be different. I started thinking of
10 reasons why I'd like to live in Provence


1- I would speak French with no accent. Perhaps some...
2- I could afford to buy truffles in the market for same amount of money i buy oranges in the USA
3- Euro is stronger currency than dollar.
4- I would have a little house and I'd plant lavender in the back yard.
5- I would be closer to Paris, so I could sightseeing Paris, no rush.
6- Being close to Paris, maybe I could afford to buy some designer's clothing.
7- climate is always moderate.
8- I could start making house-wine and save a lot of money
9- I would shed lots of pounds. Fat free food.
10-Yeah, I would plant lavender everywhere.

Loser-" Beck"

Feb 9, 2004

I started thinking why Kurt and my brother Edson died so young.Of course, I don't have the answer.My brother was the kindest human being ever existed on this planet. Kurt Cobain was the greatest poet in the world.
I can give 10 reasons to God to not call the good ones so soon, but it makes all sense.HE wants the good souls next to Him.I missed my brother. Today has been 5 years and I couldn't let the day pass by without saying a prayer to my brother...I love you a lot and I always will."love you

Do you love me?"Nirvana"

Feb 8, 2004

Tom's Diner

"Iam sitting the morning
at the diner on the corner
Iam waiting at the counter

for the man to pour the coffee
An the fills it only half way
and before I even argue

He's looking out the window
at somebody coming in
"It's always nice to see you"

Says the man behind the counter
To the woman who has come in.
She's is shaking her umbrella

And I look the other way
As they are kissing their hellos

I'm pretending not to see them
and instead I pour the milk
I open up the paper

There's a story of an actor
Who has died while he was drinking
he was no one I had heard of

I'm turning to the horoscope
and looking for the funnies
When I'm feeling someone watching me
and so, I raise my head

There's a woman on the outside
Does she see me?
No she does not
Cause she sees her own reflection

And I'm trying not to notice
That's she's hitching up her skirt
And while she's straightening her stockings
Her hair is getting wet.

Oh, this rain.It will continue through the morning
As I'm listening to the bells of the cathedral
I am thinking of your voice... and of the midnight picnic
Once upon a time

Before the rain began
I finish up my coffee
It's time to catch the train."

by Suzanne Vega- "Tom's diner"

Beautiful Day - "U2"

Feb 7, 2004

Morris is a calico cat.He thinks he's human and when I'm mopping the laundry's floor where his litter box is, he senses it. There he comes, I tell you, every time... and dump a dough.Unbelivable... And he gives me that look.Pissed off.Ah!!! I talk to him, "Morris why don't you get a damn life and get out of my way when I'm cleaning?" No answer.But I learn how to communicate with cats watching this Russian guy trainning cats for all sort of jobs. Never, never look a cat straight on his eyes. Squint and blink and position yourself on their side.You then, create a immediate bond over them.Then, you can pet them even on their bellies, which is an amazing thing.If a cat let you pet him in that area is because they really love and trust you.No, Morris is not my cat. He's my customer's. I actually have a 16 year-old dog.He was adopted six years ago.He's very old and grumpy now.N. and him can't get along.They have a north and south type of relationship. Boomer.jpg
Saturday and I'm really tired

Burning down the house- Talking Heads

Feb 6, 2004

I've just read these two books when on vacation in Destin:

Drugs don't work - "The verve"