Sep 28, 2010


Credits: MissVivi-Love generation- Scrapbookgraphycs

Credits: everything from scrapbookgraphycs Juicy Morning
Impressions of adventure
Newsworthy Alpha

Sep 23, 2010

A cute boy

Past Sunday I finally went to visit Fernanda and gave her the Baby Surprise Jacket. Khalil almost outgrew one more outfit I knitted. First was the owl vest and matching hat, now the jacket, I tell ya, that baby is nine-month-old but he probably wears 2 or 3 (toddlers size). Silly me, I thought knitting a 9-month outfit would fit him.
The garment fit but the hat ran a little on a small side.
I got kinda of disappointed, the yarn I used was not cheap and I thought this time I would have caught up with his growing. Not at my knitting pace though!
Khalil is an adorable baby. He smiles all the time, he sleeps all night long and is almost too perfect to be true.
I really wanted to give him something made by me but at same time, something he would get the most wear out of it. Maybe he might be able to wear it tightly in the winter, babies seem to grow upwards faster than outwards.

Sep 20, 2010

50 days of pain

Credits: everything from denin & daisies
I’ve been in bed for about a month and 20 days. My knitting has slowed down because in part, I am not 100% back into my physical shape and not out of pain yet. Sitting down has been challenging and I cannot knit lying down in bed.
Besides, the pain gets on my nerve and irritates me to a point I want to throw my knitting needles and all my 500 skeins out of the window.
I have never been incarcerated, but people like Marta Stewart got in-home incarcerated, she had to wear those GPS bracelets. You got green you’re in safe zone, if you accidentally
go beyond the perimeter, red light flashes and you have to get your butt back inside the safe zone.
Well, in my case, I try to move around, to do the resistance band, do my abs, my walking, but when it starts hurting, I’ve got to get my butt back in bed and take it easy.
So, the only thing that distracts me and takes my mind away from all this misery is my computer. I am glued to him 25/7 and it keeps me so busy I don’t see where time goes to.
I have learned a lot about Photoshop and I embedded the subtitles to my first translated movie. It is not perfect yet, I’ll get better by practicing. The process is long and sometimes I get tired and go back to my Photoshop tutorials. I love doing both.
I am posting 2 new layouts today.

Credits: I learned and created the tape technique from an online tutorial.

Estou de cama em torno de um mês e 20 dias. Meu tricô está devagar porque em parte, não estou fisicamente 100% e sem dor. Sentar é ainda um desafio e eu não posso tricotar deitada na cama.
Além disso, a dor começa a dar nos nervos e me irrita a ponto de querer jogar meu tricô e todos os meus 500 e tantos novelos pela janela afora.
Eu nunca fui presa, mas pessoas como Marta Stewart ja passaram por isso, e sabem como usar aquelas tornozeleiras eletrônicas. Se está verde você está em zona segura, se você acidentalmente vai além do perímetro, a luz vermelha pisca e você tem que trazer o rabinho pra trás de volta para a zona segura.
Bem, no meu caso, eu tento dar caminhadas, fazer a faixa de resistência, fazer meus abdominais, mas quando começa a doer, eu tenho que deitar meu rabinho na cama e sossegar.
Assim, a única coisa que me distrai e faz minha mente voar para longe de toda esta merda é o meu computador. Vivo colada nele o tempo todo. Ele me mantém ocupada e não vejo nem o tempo passar.
Eu tenho aprendido Photoshop aos montes e já traduzi e incorpororei legendas em inglês pela primeira vez num filme. Não está perfeito ainda, eu vou melhorar com a prática. O processo é longo e às vezes eu me canso e volto para as minhas aulas de Photoshop. Eu amo fazer as duas coisas.
Hoje estou postando dois novos layouts.

Sep 15, 2010

Finished projects

hat and scarf: Handmade by Gi
jacket: Pamela McCoy
pants: Shape FX
shoes: Marc Jacobs
bracelet: Bcbg

“the imagination is ceaselessly imagining and enriching itself with new images”.
Gaston Bachelard

Sep 7, 2010

Labor Day

Everything from:Denin and Daisies – from sunshine designers

I’ve been feeling much better for the past few days. For one, August is past gone and I feel relieved and prepared to breath the fresh air of September. Superstitious or not, August has never been a lucky month for me.
Secondly, I’ve been taking some scrapbook classes online and just over the last few days, I’ve learned new skills such as: clipping mask, how to make and save styles, cut out brushes, stitching, torn paper effects, add path to text. Now I am feeling more confident with my abilities. My next challenge is going deeper into extracting pictures and doing collage.
There are tons of beautiful layouts I get inspiration from.
I don’t mind there is no money coming in for this. I feel productive and learning more photoshop really does no hurt. Past week alone I finished off three layouts and I am posting one of them today.