Jul 12, 2011


I have a thing for digital scrapbook. I am addicted to scrapbook as much as I am addicted to knitting.
Today I was surfing the net and I bumped into this site Jinjerup and they have all sort of freebies and the nicest thing about it I don't have to sign up to download them... I hardly could believe in it. I haven't downloaded anything but apparently they just ask to read and agree to their terms of use and Voilá! Free freebies for everyone!
There you can find super cute freebies: from cute scrapbook paper to boxes templates for candy or trickets, just amazing what people can come up with! They sell on Etsy.
Happy scrapbooking!

Jul 10, 2011


Jul 9, 2011

Cropped cardigan is in the works

I've divided for the body and I'll start the ribbing bottom decreasing stitches on both side to shape a little bit the waist.
The technique for bidding off is the tubular bind-off throughout the neckline and bodice.
Happy knitting and enjoy the weekend!
technique for tubular bind-off:

Jul 3, 2011