Feb 7, 2010

Cable top

One more project finished and off the needles. My cable top is in final stage of grafting. I looked up online and still don’t know which technique I am going to use. The three needles binding looks the easiest. The Kitchener is still too complicated for me, especially memorizing where to knit and where to purl. I haven’t made my mind yet. The video for this project can be found here.
There are a few projects I’ve been obsessed with. Every three of these projects could make me feel like I accomplished something as a new knitter: the multi directional scarf, the owl baby vest and this legwarmer.
The biggest challenge is the vest but I will only know if I decide to take a deep breath and make it happen. I have a friend who had a baby past December, I’ve been putting off to start the vest since then, but the baby is growing fast, by the time I have knitted it, he will have outgrown the vest.

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