Feb 12, 2011


For the longest time I’ve been contemplating the idea of learning crochet. I find it to be very intricate, specially reading the patterns and charts. They are kinda of undecipherable for me.( I have a plan B though, just in case.)
Then, surfing the net, I found Ana Paula and she posted a couple of step-by-step tutorials that has motivated me to get started on a beginner small project (making a granny square)
A couple days ago, I was searching some Japanese sites and I bumped into a scrubbie named Tawashi. They really caught my eyes and I even found a tutorial video here.
I loved these ones and there’s even an anti-bacterial yarn for sale at Etsy. They are supposed to be really scritchy-scratchy and they might be perfect for scrubbing my dishes before going into the dishwasher!
Look these ones .

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Gratissima said...

Ai que lindo!!!