Jan 31, 2011

Ah, it is so good to knit!

Summit in progress

The summit is still in progress and I got to admit is a little bit boring all the “turning the work” on every column. So, I am knitting up a scarf to go along with de brown headband.
I am adapting the panta pattern, meaning I double the number of stitches +1. I think it will look a little more like a stole than a scarf.
I got inspiration here

I don't like being so focused on “the one” project and my short attention span is getting shorter by the minute every time I cast on long term projects.
I have some other projects in mind. I finished the white scarf with the eyelash borders and I found these cute fatty chickens (I’ve ordered the pattern and it has been mailed) and the pinwheel jacket.

1 comment:

Ana Paula said...

Olá Betsy,
obrigada pelo recadinho.
Quando puder, tente o crochê, você vai conseguir, só precisa saber se vai gostar.
Suas peças de tricô são bem bonitas.
Um abraço e até mais,
Ana Paula
Salinha do Crochê
Salinha da Fotografia