May 3, 2011

Reaching the summit- Part 2

My blue shawl is almost off the needles and I tell you, I’ll never knit one of those ever in my life. I got excited learning the technique in the beginning but then, excitement became boredom, boredom became irritation and irritation progressed to something very wrong(#@*&$@!!)and yes, very susceptible to censorship.
Making those holes and the repetitious pattern somehow did not appeal to me as I initially thought it would. What I need after this is finding a very small lace pattern and experiment with it. I want to put to the test if it is really true lace knitting is magic and a knowledgeable knitter (I am afraid it is not my case yet) will eventually step it up a notch and adventure into the isles of lace land.
Huummm let’s see about that…
In the meantime I made this crochet layout and the pictures I took from this book here, it is in Japanese and I am planning to buy some day.


Ana Paula said...

Oi Betsy,

aquele rapaz fala demais! Eu não entendo tudo o que ele fala, e as vezes até abaixo o vídeo e fico só vendo ele fazer, e aprendo com ele.


Ana Paula
Salinha do Crochê


ola adorei seu cantinho ja to te seguindo mas naão entedi nada tudo em ingles e tem mas cade o cafezinhokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk beijokkkkkkkkkkkkkas