Aug 6, 2011

Cobweb of faith

Generically speaking I feel drained and overwhelmed by the work involved in having a puppy. Buddy is a very focused and he tries to please but at same time he is a handful and he needs a lot of attention. Way much more than I had anticipated.
I never thought having a puppy would be so consuming and my house looks like a hurricane hit it. Toys are all over the place and if there is one thing I can’t train him to do is to pick up them. (can I?).
I am exhausted and there hasn’t been too much time left for my knitting although I managed to finish off the cardigan. The cropped cardigan is a bought pattern and it is pretty simple but as I always believe starting any knitting project involves a great deal of faith. Faith in the designer who created the piece did the right calculations and adjustments. Faith in her directions and that she ultimately tried the piece on and the piece fits like a glove. It is when the cobweb of stitches start to take shape and everything starts to make sense.
The cropped cardigan needed some adjustments and thank God I had the presence of mind to try it on as I knitted and make the due adjustments along the way. I knew it needed some tuck in the waist line. I decreased only 12 stitches and boy… what a difference that made.
I think it came out pretty good and I would knit another one in a different color and yarn weight.
I used two techniques on this project:
The tubular cast off- bodice
The stretch cast off - sleeves(Fantastic^.^)

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