Aug 28, 2011

Furoshiki ideas

A few months ago, I posted an article here on this blog, about Furoshiki.
The Japanese people wrap their gifts and do their grocery shopping using Furoshiki wraps. It reduces the waste (less plastic and paper litter) and is totally Eco-friendly.
Just using your imagination and creativeness,you can wrap everything; from books, chocolate boxes, baskets, bottles... to bags, pirex, pans and glassware. Look at the video below and see how this lady is

taking Furoshiki to another level.


Ana Paula said...

Oi Betsy,

adorei essas dicas! Obrigada por compartilhar.

Vou aguardar uma postagem do seu "Indian Queue".

Beijoca, bom Domingo,

Ana Paula
Salinha do Croché

Ana Paula said...

Oi Betsy,

me esqueci de te dizer sobre a lã que me perguntou. Para aquele sapatinho eu usei um fio bem fofinho mesmo, de textura 620 e agulha 5 (85% lã e 15% poliamida), chamado Bariloche, da Aslan Trends.


Ana Paula
Salinha do Croché said...

I don't know if you'll be interested in more furoshiki information, but my sister and I have a little company making and selling them, with a few unique twists. Our website shows different kinds of furoshiki, and some extra ways to use them. We also have how-to drawings of our own, and some links to books with more ideas: Enjoy!