Mar 16, 2004

I have to apologize to the people of They accepted me as a member right after I had posted my last blog complaining about it.On the process of getting my membership, I gladly ran into 5 to 7 new bloggers.One I really liked, I'm linking it to my page. the other one, she's been living in Sweden,and she's a founder of an organization in Brazil, Grupo Origem,that for 15 years has educated mothers-to-be about the importance of breast-feeding.
Living in Sweden hasn't stopped her from keeping working, now as a consultant and webmaster for a site Aleitamento Online, last year IBEST's winner for best site on the cathegory:woman.

When I have time to go to my template I'm adding her blog to mine.

More than a woman - "Bee Gees"

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