Mar 29, 2004

Girl´s night out

Girl´s night out
Ufa!! Weekend was busy. Friday night was "girls night out". We had fun at Plaka, a bar on Chestshire Bridge. Belly dancers show started at ten, and after that everybody decided to become a belly dancer, dancing on the top of tables.
Then Sat. Juice Plus's Boot-Camp was full of excellent information and good contacts for the future.Sunday barbecue at Chris's and Riane's.Marjorie and Steve, Janine and Vera, Yolanda were there and was cool and breeze outside. it started at 4:00 and we stayed until 9:30. I'd say I had fun but I'm exhausted.Taking it easy today, since is my day off.Even God had his, right?
Future Love Paradise -Seal

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