Apr 26, 2010

Owl vest

The owl vest is in blocking phase. I simply loved knitting it and the yarn I chose has not disappointed me. The yarn is the Gramercy from Lily Chin, color 7543. To tell the truth, I’ve never knitted with such adorable and butter soft yarn like this before. It just glides over the needle and its malleability and drape is incredible.
Another lesson I learned with this project was to knit English style. It became so much easier for me, and I realized I was knitting totally crooked because I wasn’t knitting using neither Continental, nor English style. I don’t know what type of mess I was doing before, but I fixed it.
Every time I knitted on the round and had to switch to straight needles, the fabric ended up always slanted to the left where I was knitting on the round. I figured that out when I was knitting the evening shrug but I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. Well… now I know!
After blocking it and sewing the buttons up, I’ll post the pictures.
In the meantime, I was looking for tutorials on the double knitting technique and I couldn’t find anyone with clear and straight forward instructions. I started google-ing and found this site, Winter Foliage. Teaching is truly an art and few people master it. This lady, Miss Katie, is one of them. She nailed it. Merci!!
Some knitters who also knitted the vest:
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