Apr 9, 2010

South Pacific musical

South Pacific is a magnificent story that takes place in a tropical island during World War II. The musical tells the sweeping romantic story of two couples -- US Navy nurse Nellie Forbush and French plantation owner Emile de Becque and Navy Airman Joe Cable and a young local native girl Liat -- and how their happiness is threatened by the realities of war and by their own prejudices.
The setting is so stunning, you literally feel transported to an island and the songs bring you back to the 1940’ atmosphere where it seemed life was so much simpler and nicer.
“Some enchanted evening” is a beautiful song and I don't know who has written it but in Rod Gilfry’s voice sounds absolutely stunning and heartfelt. I would say his performance has much more punch than Paulo Szor’s. I know… I should say the other way around, after all Paulo is Brazilian. Forgive me but Rod’s overall performance is superior and superb!!!
South Pacific is a lesson o life layered with humor, passion and reinforces the idea that with hope in our hearts, we have the power to overcome hatred and prejudice and find the true meaning of our lives: LOVE!
By the way, Fox Theatre is a stunning venue and going back there is always a great deal of fun!

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