Sep 7, 2010

Labor Day

Everything from:Denin and Daisies – from sunshine designers

I’ve been feeling much better for the past few days. For one, August is past gone and I feel relieved and prepared to breath the fresh air of September. Superstitious or not, August has never been a lucky month for me.
Secondly, I’ve been taking some scrapbook classes online and just over the last few days, I’ve learned new skills such as: clipping mask, how to make and save styles, cut out brushes, stitching, torn paper effects, add path to text. Now I am feeling more confident with my abilities. My next challenge is going deeper into extracting pictures and doing collage.
There are tons of beautiful layouts I get inspiration from.
I don’t mind there is no money coming in for this. I feel productive and learning more photoshop really does no hurt. Past week alone I finished off three layouts and I am posting one of them today.

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