Sep 23, 2010

A cute boy

Past Sunday I finally went to visit Fernanda and gave her the Baby Surprise Jacket. Khalil almost outgrew one more outfit I knitted. First was the owl vest and matching hat, now the jacket, I tell ya, that baby is nine-month-old but he probably wears 2 or 3 (toddlers size). Silly me, I thought knitting a 9-month outfit would fit him.
The garment fit but the hat ran a little on a small side.
I got kinda of disappointed, the yarn I used was not cheap and I thought this time I would have caught up with his growing. Not at my knitting pace though!
Khalil is an adorable baby. He smiles all the time, he sleeps all night long and is almost too perfect to be true.
I really wanted to give him something made by me but at same time, something he would get the most wear out of it. Maybe he might be able to wear it tightly in the winter, babies seem to grow upwards faster than outwards.

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