Jun 29, 2011

The newest addition to our household: Buddy.

We came back from our trip to the Outer banks and DC. Buddy came with us and he behaved like a real trooper. He traveled quietly in his crate. We made a few rest stops along the way for food, water and potty time and he was well behaved and didn’t seem to be annoyed . Buddy is only 3-month old, very well behaved and he is doing a great job in terms of potting outside, fetching, walking on the leash and sleeping in the crate.

I have to give credit to my sister-in-law, Joyce. She put so much effort training Buddy. He was the only puppy left (out of the 4 puppies litter). We live 11 hours away from her and we had to plan this trip around our and her schedule. In the end everything worked out pretty good! She did a wonderful job training him which helped us to make our experience with him less stressful and much more fun.
Still he wants our full attention but he is a clever and a focused puppy. I can tell he learns fast and he can be easily conditioned with stimulus and response (Pavlov is a good friend)!
There are a lot of other issues I have to address right way but nibbling is the one that I want to correct immediately. He is teething but nibbling is also a sign he wants to dominate me and this huummm… ain’t gonna happen Buddy !!
Tomorrow I’ll post some pics from our trip.

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