Jun 11, 2011

Cropped cardigan

I just started a cardigan before going on vacation so I have a project to take with me on my trip to the Outer Banks.
I bought this pattern and it is a design by Amy O’Neill. It is a basic top down raglan and I am using the M1 increase on the purl side but it is not coming out with that nice lifted look, it is sort of …Hmmmmm… holey… Let’s see! I always take out my mistakes when the project is not going the way is supposed to. My problem I can’t visualize right in the beginning whether I like it or not.
Most of the time, I have to go way far back to fix it but I think it’s worth it.
Overall, I am not on a spiritual quest for perfection but when it comes down to the cosmetic of the piece, I am left with no choice but to unravel and start off fresh.
Talking about vacation, the final leg of our trip is DC where we are going to meet with my sister-in-law and get the newest addition to the family: Buddy. He is a 2- month-old cockapoo and I can’t wait to bring him home.
I really debated about adopting a puppy but now I can hardly wait and I am counting the days. He is going to bring a lot of fun to our lives.

Happy knitting!

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Ana Paula said...

Vai ficar lindo!


Ana Paula
Salinha do Croché