Jun 12, 2011

Julia Petit

I believe that God has given us natural talents, gifts we are born with. This is the case of a makeup artist named Julia Petit whose extraordinary ability with hands is undeniable.
I learned about her through Ana Paula from Salinha do Croche.
Here you can check Julia out in a makeup tutorial inspired by Lady Gaga's campaign for Mac. Julia not only can do make up but she also has an ability to choose right shades that turn out to their full potential in a photo.
Caetano Veloso once said and he was right: "People were born to shine."

1 comment:

Ana Paula said...

Oi Besty,

que legal seu post, obrigada por me citar. Valeu!

A Julia Petit faz isso brincando né, impressionante!

Beijo e ótima semana pra você,

Ana Paula
Salinha do Croché