Apr 2, 2004

Oglethorpe, there I go...

I'm very happy. My application has been accepted at Oglethorpe, now I have to call them to make an appointment to register for the next term which starts May 10th. They actually offer two 8-week sessions each Spring, Summer and Fall. Norman gave me these books !!!!!!
and we celebrated it in style. I'm really pleased with been accepted specially at Oglethorpe, first because it's near me. (Opposed to Agnes Scott)and obviously because it's an accredited school and last but not least because the course "Organizational Management" is right up my alley.
Eeeeeeaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Changing subject a little bit...
Norman and I have different point of views in many aspects. Other day, we're discussing how blogging for me is an expression of what I usually deal with on my daily basis.It's a blank page where I can write down my frustations, my opinions, my inner, deep emotions without having anybody pointing fingers at me and saying, no, no, no. Or being worried what I'm saying is politically correct or not.
For him, on the other hand, it is just unnecessary exposure of your private life. It's invasion of your privacy.It's nobody's business.
I started thinking of it very seriously, I don't agree with him 100%.I'm not a showing off type of person in any way, and bothers me he feels this way.At same time, if it bothers me is because deep inside I feel it's true. Any psychologist on call?

The house is rocking - Stevie R.Vaughan

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