Apr 17, 2004

Juice Plus

Today I really did good. I hate bragging, but just today and today only, I signed up five people for Juice Plus+. And also I signed up K.'s daughter for JPCR which is excellent!!! Monday's gonna be busy, placing all these orders. Actually what makes me really happy is seeing people getting conscious about their kids health and their own. It's rewarding, because with Juice Plus+ everybody wins on the process. I refuse to say I sell Juice Plus+, I prefer saying I distribute it.
Tonight we're going to a Chinese restaurant with a friend couple.N. has been working downstairs like a mad man, making lots of progress, but it's still a long way to go. Maybe two more months, (just being optimistic) and the dust and mess will be gone.
I love to think one day coming home and being able to use downstairs, sit down and relax, in a clean dust-free room.

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