Apr 16, 2004

Mad Cow

Apologies for being so sparse lately. Unable to sit down and write on account of a crazy life. Good news is that I got an office account. I'll be starting next Monday and it's very exciting for me because this has been my dream for many years. Switch from houses to offices.It's definitely much less work and more din din...Besides offices are in general easier to maintain opposed to houses.I'm very pleased to work with British folks. They are excellent people and I crack up laughing with their sense of humor. They make you feel good and they compliment you on every silly detail. They use lots of fantastic, marvelous, tremendous...adjectives are key words!!!They get excited like they have this inner positive energy towards life and people.
Last night we rented Kill Bill Vol.1. Is Quentin Tarantino a mad genius or a crack head? I don't know the answer, but I know one thing, I'm never on any drug when I watch his movies, even though, I love all of them.Even Vol.1's chopping heads and blood-spurting, Hong Kong, kung fu action. Bla, bla, bla...
My ancient history feature is literally H I S T O R Y. I can't make it work...

Stand up -Ludacris

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