Feb 25, 2004

Some commonly asked questions about Juice Plus+

What should I expect from taking Juice Plus+?

Many people report that they begin to feel more energetic, that they sleep better, that they get tired less easily... or that they simply"look better" after takingJuice Plus+. People carrying extra weight may start to lose a few pounds, and notice that their cravings for unhealthy food are diminished and that they begin to crave for more nutritious foods(like fres fruits and vegetables) instead.
Sometimes these changes occur in the first several weeks of taking Juice Plus+; other times, over the course of several months. In fact, taking Juice Plus+ is not always accompanied by a particular reaction or "feeling". Good nutrition and preventive health do not always produce results that are immediately noticeable, but rather pay dividends over the course of a lifetime.

The only reason why I'm posting these FAQ about Juice Plus+ is because I've been taking for 8 months now. I feel more energetic, my hair grows twice as it used to and my nails are growing stronger than ever. And today, for my surprise I went to GYN annual visit.She askedif I was taking any vitamins I said just Juice Plus+ and she praised me. She obviously knows it. Nice!...

Shine on your crazy diamond- Pink Floyd

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