Feb 11, 2004

N.and I watched this movie

last night, the same author Kevin Smith the one

who wrote Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob.
N. has these co-workers who lend him weird movies.He told me:- "They are kids". I asked:"How old kids? " Ah. "twenty five, maybe twenty seven"-I answered: "twenty five is not a kid, N." - He replied:" They are(pause) compared to me"... Sometimes I get depressed with his line of thoughts. I started wondering; Is this society giving too much importance to youth? or does every society on the planet give it too much thought? Well... Look at the magazines, reality shows and the media in general.Regarding to reality shows, nobody in those damn shows look like real people.They all look well groomed, well spoken, well dressed and on, on and on...I really believe they are all losers. But hey,nobody cares if they're losers or not. They just need to be good-looking losers...Then I thought, maybe if I lived in Provence-France all this would be different. I started thinking of
10 reasons why I'd like to live in Provence


1- I would speak French with no accent. Perhaps some...
2- I could afford to buy truffles in the market for same amount of money i buy oranges in the USA
3- Euro is stronger currency than dollar.
4- I would have a little house and I'd plant lavender in the back yard.
5- I would be closer to Paris, so I could sightseeing Paris, no rush.
6- Being close to Paris, maybe I could afford to buy some designer's clothing.
7- climate is always moderate.
8- I could start making house-wine and save a lot of money
9- I would shed lots of pounds. Fat free food.
10-Yeah, I would plant lavender everywhere.

Loser-" Beck"

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