Feb 17, 2004

I've been to the beauty parlor and I got 3 prospective orders on pills. One girl who just had breast augmentation just flashed her tits to everybody who happened to be there at that moment (including a guy, who was having his hair highlighted) She totally ignored him....... He seemed terribly embaraced, but obviously, she didn't pay too much attention to him.She was too excited and busy talking about how painful the recovery has been, and that she almost fell in the tub the other day, bla..bla..bla..
It was funny...
I came home very late this afternoon.I'm getting so ready to go to bed...
By the way... I just got this ring for Valentines and I just lost it somewhere, between inside my car and somebody's else trash can. I'm so mad.I literally searched every inch inside my car and couldn't find it.The weirdest thing before leaving that morning an inner voice told me... Why don't you put the ring away and wear it again next Valentines? As usual, I didn't hear my inner voice.... Do I ever learn in my life?.....I hate myself.
The facts of life- "Talking heads"

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