Feb 7, 2004

Morris is a calico cat.He thinks he's human and when I'm mopping the laundry's floor where his litter box is, he senses it. There he comes, I tell you, every time... and dump a dough.Unbelivable... And he gives me that look.Pissed off.Ah!!! I talk to him, "Morris why don't you get a damn life and get out of my way when I'm cleaning?" No answer.But I learn how to communicate with cats watching this Russian guy trainning cats for all sort of jobs. Never, never look a cat straight on his eyes. Squint and blink and position yourself on their side.You then, create a immediate bond over them.Then, you can pet them even on their bellies, which is an amazing thing.If a cat let you pet him in that area is because they really love and trust you.No, Morris is not my cat. He's my customer's. I actually have a 16 year-old dog.He was adopted six years ago.He's very old and grumpy now.N. and him can't get along.They have a north and south type of relationship. Boomer.jpg
Saturday and I'm really tired

Burning down the house- Talking Heads

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