Feb 16, 2004

Monday is my day off.I decided taking a week-day off instead a weekend day, so I can go and run errands, go to the bank, or just stay home taking my free HTML classes on line. I keep telling my friends who get scared at the simple tought of turning their computer on.Go and sign up for classes on line. Sorry, only in Portuguese could get altogether in a blog group.It would be fun.I quite understand everybody works so hard and so long hours... Usuallly when we get home; just eat and shower and talk on the phone with couple friends as a just short introduction to get prepared to go to bed and start over fresh next day.Learning is never too much, specially, if you can learn for free. Another course I found free and on the convenience of your home is a Portuguese course. It's for either ones who don't speak the language or for us who speak, but are in need of a brush up . It's worth to give it a try and they also test you on how much knowledge you have of the language. Go to here.
Last night was awfully cold outside and inside.I immediately thought of

Ten reasons to not live in Moscow

. It's dull and drab.
. I don't like caviar.
. They don't have the old and good alphabet like barbaric and Latin languages do. They have a sort of secret code.
. Everything below 68F is cold to me.
. There's no sense of fashion, culture or musicality.
. Their cake tastes like ladyfingers.
. I would be cold regardless the season.
. Their currency is weak.
. It's very cold.
. Every Russian is a spy in potential.
. I like ancient architecture, but soviet's is too solid and heavy.

Southern Hospitality - "Ludacris"

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