Feb 18, 2004

Ten reasons I'd like to live in Sitges
  1. it's sunny...
  2. It's a costal city.
  3. It's in Europe close to all those countries I always wanted to visit.
  4. I could eat fresh seafood every day.
  5. I would banish red meat from my menu.
  6. I would speak French, Dutch,German.
  7. I would be close to England, then close to Picadillus Circle and Beatles.
  8. It's so.... sunny.
  9. It's a small town I could go everywhere riding my bike, instead of driving a car.
  10. No pollution.
  11. Minimum clothing.
  12. Again it's warm, sunny and by the water.

"List of big noses.

1 Christopher Lambert

2 Daniel Day-Lewis

3 Stephen Dillane
4 John Corbett

5 Ralph Fiennes
6 Matthew McConaughey
7 Julian Sands
8 Ewan McGregor
9 Jeff Bridges
10 Liam Neeson

FBI's Week Most wanted

Worth his weight in gold -"Steel Pulse"

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